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Race Report: Mini Enduro – Forest of Dean

Changeable conditions and trails, a lot of laughs and a super relaxed atmosphere! Ben Stallwood shares his experience racing at the 2016 Mini Enduro from the Forest of Dean.

Pros & Cons of different bike locks

There are three main types of bike lock - Cable, Chain and D-lock. This short guide will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Best mountain bikes under £1000

Buying a new mountain bike with £1000 in your pocket can leave you feeling spoilt for choice. To help get you started, the bikes in this list have been hand-picked for the quality and value for money they offer within your budget.

Best cyclocross bikes under £1000

Hardly a week goes by without a new cyclocross event popping up on our radar. The fast, fun and friendly circuit racing format is an excellent way to spend a few hours on a Sunday, for both riders and spectators alike. If you want to go racing with a modest budget, these are the bikes for you.

What makes a downhill bike different to a regular MTB?

Big jumps, tall drops and more rocks than a Flintstones movie. Downhill bikes are designed for the most extreme side of mountain biking, but what makes them different to normal mountain bikes?

Felt Surplus 10 review

The all-new plus-tyre machine from Felt gets a grilling in this bike review. The top-of-the range Surplus 10 promises oodles of grip and plenty of smiles. But does it deliver?

Buyer’s guide to turbo trainers

Winter miles make Summer smiles, as the old saying goes. But as the leaves fall and your motivation wanes, it's easier said than done. Enter the turbo trainer.

Behind the scenes: Filming the Mitsubishi Outlander promo

When we were asked to work with Mitsubishi and Chris Northover to film a promo for the Outlander Diesel, we sent our best man; Jamie Johnson!

The Cycle Show 2016 – Birmingham NEC

The Cycle Show, held annually at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, is one of the go-to cycle shows here in the UK. If you missed it this year, take a look at some of our highlights in this photo gallery.

How to clean a bike

A clean & shiny bike not only looks fantastic, it will perform better for longer too. Until someone builds a ride-through bike wash, cleaning your bike will have to be done by hand, but with these tips it need not be a chore.