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Review – Specialized Tricross Sport Disc 2012


The Specialized Tricross Sport Disc 2012 is an all rounded bike that does it all, trails, commuting or even touring. With two sets of brake levers and dropped handlebars, the possibilities of where you can go on it are endless!

Specialized have obviously taken a lot of time to give this bike a crisp clean finish with the anodized bolts, wheel skewers and not to mention, the cables have been internally routed through the frame to give that cleaner look. With a £900 price tag, the Tricross Sport combines looks and performance with value, to give you exactly what you want.


The frame is completely made of A1 Aluminium, making the bike super light. This means quicker handling and letting you reach those high speeds, saving you valuable minutes on your distance time. Having the welds completely smoothed gives you a perfect finish throughout the frame and with mudguard fittings, you always have the option to keep yourself cleaner when the weather gets grim. Rigid forks, also A1 Aluminium, enables faster acceleration, as it stops the bobbing motion that occurs through front suspension.


With a full Shimano Drivetrain, Specialized have left nothing to spare on the tricross. The Sora STI, 9 speed shifters allow for easy, up/down shifting throughout the 27 gearing options. It has a Shimano Sora Compact Crankset, with a 50 tooth top cog, making it a speed machine on those long, fast open straights. The Shimano Acera 9 speed rear derailleur, 12-27t, enables quick and smooth gear changing, cutting out all the unwanted crunching and grinding, which is somewhat all too common with derailleurs.


Avid BB5 Disc.  Key word, disc. The benefits to the disc brake is that it’s placed higher off the ground than the usual rim brake or u-brake. This means its protected from the elements a lot more, preventing brake fade and keeping the sharp stopping power constant. It comes with secondary levers, positioned like standard brakes, as well as the dropped handle bar version. This makes out for convenient, safe braking, especially on trails, removing the need to reach for the dropped bars.


You can’t go wrong with the Specialized Borough CX Sport tyres, which offer both slick, minimal tread in the centre for high speeds on flat roads, and then the treaded outer edge, to give you that all important grip when turning through the tight, technical trails. The mixture of two tyre types converged into one is almost mandatory on a Tricross bike like this, giving you the best of both worlds!

 Extra features

The quick release hubs, Sport 27.2mm seat post, H2 Ergo Comp bars, and even the EliteSet, 31.8mm clamp stem is all made of Aluminium. This cuts the weight of the bike dramatically, allowing for faster speeds, and more importantly, reached quickly and effortlessly! Having the Alex S480 Rims benefits the Tricross over other road bikes. Having thicker and stronger walls, it prevents you from getting those annoying buckles and dents, allowing you to venture off road as well as on road, an obvious must for a Tricross bike!


With the Tricross Sport Disc, there’s not a lot more you could ask for. Great looks and handling combined makes out for yet another awesome bike from Specialized, and with a 4 out of 5 star rating, if an all-terrain going bike is what you’re in need of, then it’s a definite contender!

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