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Specialized Allez 2013 Review

Being one of the largest bike companies around, Specialized never fall short in producing immaculately finished bikes. Whether it’s a childs bike or a top of the range full sus’er, they’re all finished to the high pedigree standard that is so sought after. The Allez 2013 is Specialized’s answer to an entry-level road bike, although, as far as entry-level bikes go, the Allez has got to be ranked near the top giving you great value for your money.

Specialized Allez 2013 Road Bike

Specialized Allez 2013 Road Bike

The Allez is perfect for someone looking for their first road bike and will easily be able to take you up to a level where your ready to buy a top of the range road bike. Even then the Allez still makes out for an excellent winter training bike and so is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Specialized Allez squared seat tube

Specialized Allez squared seat tube

The frame on the Allez 2013 is composed of Specialized’s A1 Premium Aluminium which not only gives it a strong stiff feel but also makes it very light. Specialized being Specialized have put a lot of work into designing the frame, packing it with technical features such as the squared seat tube, to increased bottom bracket stiffness and strength for better power transfer. Also incorporating the experience-specific tubesets into the geometry improves the frame strength, giving all-round performance and handling. It really does offer a comfy riding position and picks up speed quickly when you put some big pedal strokes in!

It comes with the Axis Classic hubs, rims and spokes which don’t get me wrong, will definitely get you by, but you may want to consider upgrading to something a little lighter. The wheels do have Specialized’s own Espoir Sport tyres, that by any standard are pretty good tyres. They feature an outer tread while being slick in the centre that allows grip in both wet and dry conditions giving you confidence through the corners.

The Specialized Allez 2013 has a complete Shimano 2300 groupset that offers 16 gears through a compact 50/34 chainset and 8-speed 12/25t rear cassette. Although not the widest range of gears, their perfectly selected to give you the right ratio’s and really do cater well for both the hills and high speed flats. On paper this groupset isn’t the highest spec around, but the way that Specialized have made all of these components work together, combined with its excellent geometry, really makes it feel like a much higher performance bike than it is.

The Specialized Allez 2013 is a perfect bike for somebody just getting into road riding. It’s a smooth, comfortably bike that really does perform well under pressure. The spec will keep you going strong until your prepared to upgrade and make this already great road bike even better!


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