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5 of Britain’s best bike manufacturers

Here on this little cluster of islands we're quite fortunate to have some of the world's greatest bike trails and cycleways, and thanks to these top British bike manufacturers, we're spoilt for choice when choosing a bike to ride on them. Let's celebrate some of the best cycling brands from dear old Blighty.

The differences between Cyclocross and Road bikes

Cyclocross bikes and road bikes can look almost indistinguishable from each other at first appearances, but take a closer look and you'll see the differences which separate them from each other.

Best cyclocross bikes under £1000

Hardly a week goes by without a new cyclocross event popping up on our radar. The fast, fun and friendly circuit racing format is an excellent way to spend a few hours on a Sunday, for both riders and spectators alike. If you want to go racing with a modest budget, these are the bikes for you.

What is Cyclocross?

With origins dating at least as far back as the 1900s, cyclocross has remained a consistently popular winter cycle sport for the last century. So what’s it all about then?

Review: Kona Rove AL 2016 Road Bike

The Kona Rove draws on a rich history of successful cyclocross & commuter bikes to create the ultimate 'do everything' crossover bike. The Rove AL trades steel for aluminium and shaves £700 off the price tag, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's half as good!

4 of the best 2015 adventure road bikes

Best adventure road bikes Adventure road bikes (also known as gravel grinders) are a middle ground between cyclocross bikes and road bikes. They have similar components and features to a cyclocross bike, such as disc brakes, a wide gearing range and mudguard eyelets, but have a geometry closer to that of an endurance road bike. …

3 of this week’s best videos

The best cycling videos of the week. Bored? Here’s three cycling video to help fill your time. Spare a few minutes to check out Chris Akrigg showing off his trials skills on a cyclocross bike, find out whether disc brakes are more aerodynamic than rim brakes and see behind the scenes of the latest Danny …