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Autumn & Winter Cycling Essentials

Cycling during the Autumn & Winter months can be challenging - especially if you rely on your bike for your daily commute. With just a little preparation and some sensible clothing & accessories, you'll be pedalling on like nothing's changed at all.

Buyer’s Guide to Bike Lights

One of the most essential items you’ll need when out on your bike this Autumn - Winter, a good set of bike lights is never underestimated. Our guide to bike lights will help you to prepare with the darker months coming.

Bike lights: StVZO approved

If you’ve ever driven at night and been subjected to a face full of full-beam headlights from an oncoming driver, you’ll understand the need for StVZO approved bike lights.

How to adjust your V-brakes

When your V-brakes start misbehaving and they lack performance, your first thought might be to just take it to the shop to be fixed. In most cases, however, V-brakes are actually very easy to fix and only require a little adjustment to get them working like new again!

Top picks: Autumn Essentials

Summer has been a bit antisocial this year. It came in for a cup of tea and a chat, didn’t even bother to take its coat off then left without even saying goodbye. Cue the tumbling leaves of autumn and the dark nights & cold mornings that come with it. Here are our top autumn …

How to choose the right bike tyres

Your tyres are your only point of contact with the road so it’s important to make sure you’re using the right ones. We take a look at how different tyre choices will affect your bike and your riding. The tyres you fit to your bike will have a far wider-reaching impact than just the grip …

Cycle to work: Tips and products for commuters

Commuting by bike is not only good for the environment, it can save you thousands of pounds which would otherwise be spent on fuel, tax and insurance, plus the cost of servicing and maintaining a car. On top of that, you can’t put a price on the health benefits you’ll feel. Here’s a quick guide …

Bike maintenance: Essential pre-ride checks

  Maintaining your bike is vital to ensuring that it stays reliable and performs at its best. To really get the most out of your bike, here are a few quick checks can do before every ride. Tyres Checking your tyres for abnormal wear and punctures will save you no end of trouble miles down the …

Review: MET Parabellum helmet

Met Parabellum helmet review With all-mountain/enduro riding in mind, MET developed the Parabellum helmet. For a helmet of its kind it’s extremely breathable and lightweight, while supplying an excellent amount of coverage for optimum protection. We tested the Parabellum in a variety of conditions; see what we thought below. Fit and feel Achieving a comfortable …

New in: MET Parachute helmet

In the world of cycle helmets the MET parachute is somewhat or a game changer, combining the breathability of an open face helmet with the protection of a full face helmet. It’s also lightweight, in fact, the Parachute is the lightest full face helmet currently available, with a Medium weighing just 700g. We take a …