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How to properly fit a bike helmet

A correctly fitting bike helmet is not only safer to wear, it's more comfortable and will reduce the likelihood of headaches, excessive sweating or chafing against your skin. Get the right size cycling helmet and get it fitted properly with these easy instructions.

Cycle smart: Gadgets for your bike

Every day we hear of a new smart gadget for your bike to make your ride that little bit more enjoyable. From training tools to navigation aids, here’s how you can benefit from the latest trends in cycling tech.

Bike lights: StVZO approved

If you’ve ever driven at night and been subjected to a face full of full-beam headlights from an oncoming driver, you’ll understand the need for StVZO approved bike lights.

Environmentally friendly cycling products

It’s not hard to dig up statistics that show just how much more environmentally friendly cycling is compared to other forms of transport, but that’s not to say it can’t be even more sustainable than it already is. Here are a few of our favourite cycling products which take care of you and your bike, without harming the environment.

Cycleplan Specialist Bicycle Insurance

Cycle theft is a huge problem, with approximately 500,000 bikes stolen in the UK alone every year. Safeguarding your bike against theft is a two-step system – Protect it, and cover it! Wheelies have teamed up with Cycleplan to offer you a great deal on cycle specific insurance for your pride and joy. Easy Bikes …

Custom build: 2015 Yeti 575

This custom built 2015 Yeti 575 was completed this afternoon and is soon to be delivered to one lucky customer. The full specification is: – 2015 Yeti 575 (med) – RockShox Pike RCT3 dual Position Air 160 – Fox Float CTD Kashima shock – Hope Tech 3 E4 callipers w/ Hope MM2/4 Saw rotors – …

Review: 2015 Giant Glory 27.5 0 Downhill Bike

2015 Giant Glory 27.5 0 Review Initial Impressions When I picked the bike up my first though was “This thing is beautiful!” The brushed black finish is stunning; complimented by the full SRAM X0 set up I knew the Giant Glory 27.5 0 was going to be amazing straight out of the box. With the …

Revolutionary SeaSucker car racks

Since 2005 SeaSucker have been creating revolutionary uses for vacuum mount technology with their latest development seeing them produce innovative car racks. Using suction cups to mount a bike rack is often easier compared to using a boot rack or roof rack as no straps or bars are needed. They can be mounted to any …

Great gift ideas for cyclists this Christmas

It’s that time of year again, the decorations go up, meals turn into feasts and the enjoyment of present buying sets in. There’s no better feeling than discovering the perfect present for someone, so check out our gift guide where you will find lots of great gifts, all in one place. You can easily find …

Your Guide To Bike Mudguards

If by simply adding mudguards, you could stay drier whilst cycling, surely you would? This time of year brings even more rain than usual thanks to the autumn/winter weather which is why a pair of mudguards should be high up on your priority list. Relatively inexpensive, they can be worth their weight in gold as …