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Autumn & Winter Cycling Essentials

Cycling during the Autumn & Winter months can be challenging - especially if you rely on your bike for your daily commute. With just a little preparation and some sensible clothing & accessories, you'll be pedalling on like nothing's changed at all.

Review: Madison Zena Baggy Short & Jersey Combo

#TeamWheelies rider Lucinda puts the Madison Zena lightweight, do anything women's short and jersey combo through its paces

Guide: Essential Summer Commute Accessories & Clothing

In typically British fashion we’re all probably going to deny any evidence to the contrary, insist that the winter freeze is now behind us and that we can all look forward to glorious sunshine for the next 5 months. We’ll dust off our bikes, straighten our pannier racks and pump up the tyres ready to …

Cycle Fashion Or Cycle Function?

Over the years the fashion of cycling has evolved. Riding bikes can be classed as ‘cool’, but looking stylish on the bike can be a priority for some. The development of fashion for cyclists has excelled, but this fashion can be preferred over functionality, so in the cycling world does fashion beat functionality. Cycling fashion …

The basics of Bicycle Touring

Cycle touring is a vast and sometimes daunting topic to attempt to tackle but it is such an exciting concept and prospect for some that a basic guide is always helpful. Due to the complexity of taking all that’s necessary with you on a bike for an extended outing a little plan of action and …

Protective cycling clothing

When cycling, staying safe and protecting yourself from accidents is very important and something that should always be thought about before any ride. No matter how big or small your ride, accidents are always a possibility and our bodies are very vulnerable unless protected. I’m going to go through a wide range of protective cycle …