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5 of Britain’s best bike manufacturers

Here on this little cluster of islands we're quite fortunate to have some of the world's greatest bike trails and cycleways, and thanks to these top British bike manufacturers, we're spoilt for choice when choosing a bike to ride on them. Let's celebrate some of the best cycling brands from dear old Blighty.

Best mountain bikes under £1000

Buying a new mountain bike with £1000 in your pocket can leave you feeling spoilt for choice. To help get you started, the bikes in this list have been hand-picked for the quality and value for money they offer within your budget.

What makes a downhill bike different to a regular MTB?

Big jumps, tall drops and more rocks than a Flintstones movie. Downhill bikes are designed for the most extreme side of mountain biking, but what makes them different to normal mountain bikes?

Marin Bikes 2017 Range Preview

The latest Marin bikes have earned the Californian brand renewed popularity in the UK in recent years. Judging by their 2017 line-up, this trend looks set to continue!

Kona Precept 150 review: 2016

All new for 2016, the Kona Precept 150 has been designed as an affordable all-round alternative to the supremely popular Kona Process 153. We wanted to take a closer look and chuck some Welsh mud at one.

Kona Cinder Cone review: 2016

The Kona Cinder Cone is one of the oldest names in mountain biking circles, growing up and maturing along with the people who ride it. With the 2016 version, we wanted to find out if you really can teach an old dog new tricks.

2016: 5 of the best budget mountain bikes under £650

You're looking for a mountain bike that is reliable and will perform well, but you don't want to spend so much money on it that you have to sell some organs on the black market. You're in the right place - take a look at these performance mountain bikes under £650.

The best electric mountain bikes

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of speeding down a mountain bike trail, but sometimes the long climbs up can be really off-putting. These 8 e-MTB’s will have you laughing on the way up, and the way back down your favourite trails.

Review: 2016 Mondraker Dune Carbon RR

This year I gained the support of Wheelies, and with that support I have been able to get my hands on what is, in my eyes, one of this year’s superbikes. Certainly one of 2016’s best looking carbon frames.

The history of Scott bikes

Today, Scott Sports produce some of the most technically innovative and versatile road & mountain bikes available. Is it any surprise that this very approach is exactly how Ed Scott started the business? We take a look back at the history of Scott Sports.