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Become a Tour de France expert in 10 minutes

The Tour de France is one of the most popular sporting events in the world, and the biggest cycling event of the year. First run in 1903, the TdF is steeped in a rich history and is full of traditions which may be confusing to first-time viewers. Learn everything you need to become a Tour de France expert right here.

2016 Aviva Women’s Tour Preview

The third edition of The Women’s Tour 5-day stage race starts this week here in Britain. Get a preview of what’s to come from one of the top women’s cycling events on the calendar.

2016 Giro d’Italia preview

This year sees the 99th edition of the Italian Grand Tour, running over three weeks from May 6th until May 29th and covering over 3,463km along the way.

2016 Tour de Yorkshire preview

Following the huge success of the 2014 Tour de France departure in Yorkshire, the region famous for flat caps and ferret-legging inaugurated its own 3-day event in 2015 and returns on April 29th for its second year.

New Year’s Cycling Resolutions

Generic resolutions are easily broken, with only 8% of people actually achieving them. THIS year, it's going to be different. THIS year, we're going to make some cycling resolutions that we can really achieve, and we're going to stick to them!

How to choose the right bike tyres

Your tyres are your only point of contact with the road so it’s important to make sure you’re using the right ones. We take a look at how different tyre choices will affect your bike and your riding. The tyres you fit to your bike will have a far wider-reaching impact than just the grip …

Guide to autumn cycle clothing

Autumn is nearing but don’t let that put you off cycling. The season may bring with it blustery winds, falling temperatures and the odd rain shower or two, however, this autumn clothing guide will help to kit you out with the essentials, allowing you to stay warm and dry while cycling throughout the autumn. Base …

Sportive clothing essentials

Preparing yourself for a sportive shouldn’t be difficult. Once your training is well underway and the event draws closer your attention should shift to being prepared on the day, this includes deciding on the appropriate clothing. As sportives can take a number of hours to complete, it’s important to consider the clothing you wear. You …

Paris to Swansea: first day of training

So in a moment of madness me and my sister Cheryl signed up for the Paris 2 Swansea bike ride kicking off this summer; we fancied a summer challenge but didn’t really want to do a marathon. Having heard of the Paris to Swansea rides, as they are an annual event done to raise money …

The essential guide to cycling gloves

Wearing gloves while cycling is essential in all weather, not only do they help keep your hands warm when it’s cold but they also offer vital protection. We take a look at how wearing gloves can benefit you as a rider and what you should consider when searching for a new pair of cycling gloves. …